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Helix mattress review for 2018: I noticed decreased neck, shoulder, and back pain thanks to customization - Business Insider

Again, I felt well rested and got out of bed after my first alarm. When this pattern continued, I knew it was time to give my new mattress credit. I think what set the Helix mattress apart from my previous foam mattress is that ที่นอนยางพารา ปาเท็กซ์ I got to customize it to my specific sleep needs. Before buying a Helix mattress, you can take a quiz on the company's website that asks you about your preferences and sleeping style. To start, I provided my age, height, weight, and whether I'd be sleeping solo or with a partner. I went on to provide my usual sleeping position (I sleep mostly on my stomach), my firmness preference (medium), and how often I wake up with back pain (at least a couple times per week). I wound up getting the Helix Dusk, which is somewhere between firm and soft, provides extra support, and contours to all body positions. This happens through a series of layers. The top of my mattress feels squishy, as if there's going to be plenty of give when you lay on it. (To be fair, the top layer is actually made up of two separate covers so that there's more airflow within the mattress, preventing users from getting too hot while they're asleep.) But underneath that soft surface, there's a relatively firm latex-foam hybrid layer to keep you comfortably propped up while offering appropriate give.

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